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Breath testing: Tips & Technique

Here are some helpful tips and pointers on breath testing and your breath test technique:

It's best to take your breath tests when you are in a relaxed state, so not immediately after exercise or after running up some stairs for instance.
It's a good idea to take your breath tests while indoors when possible, as more extreme environmental conditions may affect your FoodMarble device. As an example, breath testing outdoors in very cold temperatures or in the rain would be best avoided.
Before the test, make sure that your lips and mouth are clean and dry. It's important not to let liquid or food particles into the mouthpiece.
It's best to hold your device straight so that your breath can travel through the device, rather than hitting the inside ceiling.
Never ever blow through your device, while your instinct might tell you that you need to exert yourself to get a breath reading, the opposite is actually correct.
When prompted to commence your breath test, exhale through your device gently and consistently for 5 seconds.
Pretend as though you are cooling soup on a spoon - you wouldn't blow, right?

The important tips above apply to both AIRE and AIRE 2 users.

Updated on: 23/02/2024

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