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Can children/babies use a device?

Can a child successfully use a FoodMarble device like AIRE 2?

Yes, FoodMarble devices can be used by children under the guidance and supervision of an adult. Use for children is exactly the same as it is for adults.

As long as the child can comfortably pause their breathing for 3 seconds, followed by an immediate gentle and consistent exhalation for 5 seconds, they should have no trouble completing day to day breath tests.

Can a child complete the food intolerance tests?

Yes. The quantities of the FODMAP substrates are also safe for children.

If you have any concerns over the 12 hour fasting period, followed by 3 hours testing during which the child may only sip water, please consult a medical professional before proceeding with a food intolerance test.

Not suitable for babies / toddlers

FoodMarble devices are not suitable for use by babies / toddlers, because of the breathing technique required to perform a breath test.

Updated on: 19/03/2024

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