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Healthcare options at FoodMarble

Monitor SIBO with AIRE 2

AIRE 2 is a hydrogen and methane breath testing device. It's ideal for those who have already been diagnosed with SIBO by a medical professional, as it will allow users to track and monitor their fermentation levels day to day to see what impact they can have on them.

SIBO must be diagnosed through a healthcare practitioner

As AIRE 2 is not a medical device, we would always encourage users to get a diagnosis through a trusted healthcare professional rather than using AIRE 2 as a diagnostic tool. Remember SIBO is a serious medical conditions that may require a treatment plan. It's always best to seek the guidance of a medical professional when dealing with suspected SIBO.

Healthcare options through FoodMarble

If you suspect SIBO and would be interested in using your FoodMarble device to diagnose and monitor SIBO, you should check in with the FoodMarble healthcare team to see if your healthcare practitioner is registered to work with FoodMarble. If they are not registered, but might be interested, our healthcare team can assist.

To contact the FoodMarble healthcare team, please email: for more information.

You can also check out our healthcare site here.

Updated on: 15/03/2024

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