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Challenge Day: High baseline reading

Low Baseline Hydrogen

Before commencing your FoodMarble challenge, the app will prompt you to take a baseline breath test. It's important to record a low baseline hydrogen reading before proceeding with the challenge. Your hydrogen levels need to be low enough to ensure that we can easily measure any change that happens during the test.

Your baseline hydrogen levels should be under 3.5 before starting your Challenge. If it is elevated, you will be prompted to do another baseline test after 15-20 minutes.


You can start your Challenge with a methane score above 3.5 – this is because methane levels often remain static after following the preparation diet.

Here's what to do if you have a high baseline reading

Wait 1 hour after waking before starting your Challenge: when we wake up, our gas levels can be elevated as our gut has slowed down overnight. We recommend waiting one hour after waking to give your gut a chance to wake up too.
Brush your teeth: Sometimes the bacteria in our mouth can interfere with your baseline breath levels. You can also try a mouthwash containing ‘chlorhexidine’ but avoid any mouthwashes containing alcohol!
Water: Try drinking a glass of water.
Go for a short walk: A gentle 15 minute walk can help to lower your hydrogen levels. Make sure your breathing rate has returned to normal before taking another breath test.
Extend the preparation diet from 24 to 48 hours: If you have slower gut motility you may need to eat low FODMAP for 48 hours before your test. Need some meal inspiration? Here’s some low FODMAP meal ideas.
Check your baseline in Challenge mode: If a baseline test is performed outside of Challenge mode, a combined score for both methane and hydrogen levels will be measured, meaning you are more likely to get a higher score.
Steady breathing: Breathe into your device in a slow, gentle and consistent manner. Imagine you are cooling soup on a spoon!

If you're still struggling to get your baseline hydrogen levels down

In some cases, you can still get a high baseline reading even after trying the above tips. This is why you can choose to continue with your test despite having a high baseline. After rechecking your baseline levels, you will see an option on your app screen to proceed with your Challenge.

Updated on: 07/12/2023

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