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I keep getting high Fermentation Scores - Help?

Fermentation occurs naturally and high levels of fermentation are not necessarily a bad thing. The benefit of using your FoodMarble device consistently is that you will be able to track your levels of fermentation over time and see if there are any changes over time. The changes in fermentation scores related to the different foods that you log on the app will allow you understand how your unique digestive system responds to different types of food.

You may also find that your fermentation score goes up or down after consecutive breath tests, so please remember that we recommend no more than 1 breath test per hour as too much condensation from the breath may skew your results.

There are several tips for getting the most consistent breath test results:

Use a consistent breathing style - never blow through your FoodMarble device - instead, pretend like you're cooling soup on a spoon and breathe very gently and consistently into your device.

Make sure to hold your device , rather than tilted upwards or tilted downwards -

Hold the device straight so that your breath goes right through the device and not towards the ceiling of the middle canal.

Remember: Fermentation levels can be affected by food that you ate earlier today or yesterday.

Warning: Recent alcohol intake or smoking can affect fermentation scores and cause damage to your device over time. Please refrain from using your device after consuming alcohol or after recently smoking.

Updated on: 26/02/2024

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