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Considerations when comparing day-to-day scores with other test results

AIRE 2 is a hydrogen and methane breath testing device which is an ideal tool for those who have already been diagnosed with IBS or SIBO, as it allows you to monitor your breath readings day to day, tracking any change over time.

If you've previously been diagnosed with SIBO, having completed a SIBO test under the guidance of a medical professional, you might be tempted to compare these results with your AIRE 2 day to day readings, however there are a few things to keep in mind:

Firstly, did you know it’s not possible to compare the fermentation response during a lactulose challenge and daily levels? That's right. They aren't comparable. We have data which demonstrates how these two scenarios differ for individuals and how their fermentation profile is different.
Day to day, you are not fasting like you must before and during a SIBO test (instead, your digestive system is full of gas, water and foods) and you are eating a mixture of foods (solids, liquids) throughout the day. All of which digest at different rates over the day. Intestinal gases have time to build up (even convert from hydrogen to methane). So, your response will always differ to a fasting sugar challenge.
In reality, measuring day to day actually reflects real life and what is happening in your gut. If you think about it, during a lactulose test, you are fasting, so you start off with a system empty of gas and water, then drink a liquid test sugar (which is an artificially made sugar), that digests so differently to real food.

Comparing SIBO test results with day to day readings is like comparing apples and oranges. Remember they are different types of breath tests.

If you have any concerns over your results, please don't hesitate to reach out to our CX team on We're always happy to investigate any query or concern!

Updated on: 07/12/2023

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