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Inulin Challenge: Late rise in your f-scores

Concerned about Inulin?

If you completed your inulin challenge and your fermentation levels didn't rise throughout the 3-hour testing window, you would have been given the option to extend the test by an hour. If by then you still hadn't observed a rise in your fermentation levels, the FoodMarble app would have calculated your final test result as low.

If you began to experience some symptoms which prompted you to continue testing hourly for the rest of the day and sure enough you noticed your fermentation scores creeping up over the next few hours, despite eating low FODMAP, please read on to learn what this means and what you should do now.

Inulin Challenge - A late rise is not uncommon

It is not uncommon for some users to experience a late rise in their fermentation levels, sometimes hours after the inulin challenge has finished.

This can happen because inulin is a large molecule that is more difficult for the body to break down which gives it a longer transit time.

We All Lack the Enzymes

In fact, we all lack the necessary enzymes to break down these long chains of fructose molecules. We are unable to digest inulin in the small intestine which means it will always travel along to the large intestine, where some level of fermentation will occur.

It is estimated that about 90% of the inulin consumed will reach the large intestine.

Thankfully, the bacteria in our gut have the necessary enzymes to break down these undigested sugars.

Inulin acts as a prebiotic which is great for gut health

Inulin is a double-edged sword for those who experience symptoms, as inulin acts as a prebiotic which is great for the health of good gut bacteria. If you experienced any symptoms, it may be worth testing a food containing inulin only in the form of a custom challenge to see how you react to it in different doses.

It is good to find your balance for inulin, as you want to continue to feed your good gut bacteria. On days that you consume inulin, it may also be good to reduce your intake of foods containing other FODMAPs, as this can lead to FODMAP stacking that could exacerbate any symptoms.

Digestive Profile - my inulin score doesn't seem right

If you feel that the final inulin challenge result recorded on the FoodMarble app does not reflect your true response to the inulin substrate and that your result should be higher, make sure to reach out to us on to explain that you would like to have your score reviewed.

Our data team will review all the scores logged during your Inulin Discovery Day and recalculate your final result based on any relevant breath results.

Updated on: 26/02/2024

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