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Payment Card Declined - What to look out for

Why was my payment card declined at the checkout?

We understand the frustration experienced when you're trying to make a purchase online and your payment card is declined. If your card is declined on the FoodMarble website, here are some reasons why it may have happened:

Fraud Prevention: Given that FoodMarble is a relatively new company, your financial institution might flag the transaction as being potentially fraudulent, especially if it isn’t within your usual spending habits. If this is the case it’s always best to reach out to your bank or card provider to inform them of the transaction.

Incorrect Account Details: Mistakes can happen during the payment process such as entering incorrect account information. Double-check all of the information during the checkout process to ensure it’s correct.

Insufficient Funds: A common reason for declined payments is insufficient funds in your account. If this happens, consider using an alternative payment method or ensuring that your account has adequate funds before trying the transaction again.

If you experience a persistent issue or have any questions about completing a purchase on the FoodMarble website, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us -

Updated on: 20/03/2024

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