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6-Week Discovery Plan: FAQs

6-Week Discovery Plan FAQs:

Q: Can I pause or restart the plan?

Yes. The plan is designed to be flexible as we understand that life has ups and downs and schedules may change. You can pause the plan at any point and pick up where you left off. You can also restart the plan, if you need to. Click here for instructions.

Q: What is a Challenge?

A challenge is how we refer to the FoodMarble FODMAP tests carried out on your Discovery Day.

Q: Should medications and supplements be considered before a challenge?

Wait at least 4 weeks after taking antibiotics, before doing a challenge
Avoid prebiotics and probiotics when preparing for the challenge - the day before, during the fasting period and the test itself
It is not necessary to stop proton pump inhibitors prior to the test
Laxatives should be stopped a week before the test, if tolerated
Please contact your healthcare provider before stopping any medications

Q: How do I prepare for a Discovery Day?

Eat and drink low FODMAP the day before
Fast for a minimum of 12 hours leading up to the scheduled starting time of your test (only consuming water)
Don't take prebiotics or probiotics for 24 hours before the test
Don't schedule a test if you've taken antibiotics recently (wait 4 weeks after antibiotics)
On the Discovery Day, brush your teeth but don't use mouthwash (it may contain alcohol) or chew chewing gum (which could contain FODMAPs)
On the Discovery Day, take a baseline breath test, as prompted by the app - you need a low hydrogen score (less than 3.0) but you can proceed with a medium/high methane baseline
Dissolve the contents of the FODMAP packet in warm water and top it up with cool water if needed, then drink it all in one or as quickly as possible.

Q: What do I need to remember during the Discovery Day test itself?

Don't eat or drink during the test, except pure still water
You can sip still water throughout, but best to avoid carbonated or flavoured water
Don't smoke or vape during the test
Don't do any strenuous exercise - you should remain in a relatively calm state throughout as stress can impact your digestive system

Q: Can I pause my test?

No, once you've started your challenge in the app, you will be prompted to test regularly over a three hour period. It is important to test when prompted to ensure that you get an accurate final result.

Q: My f-scores began to rise towards the end of the test but final result was low - is my result correct?

If your fermentation levels begin to rise towards the end of a test, you could be experiencing a late rise in your scores
If this happens, on completion of the test, avoid consuming FODMAPs - eat only low FODMAP foods and continue to test hourly
If your f-scores continue to rise for a number of hours outside the testing period, simply contact the FoodMarble CX team on and our team will be able to advise you on updating your challenge result

Updated on: 15/03/2024

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