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The 6-Week Discovery Plan Explained

The FoodMarble 6-Week Discovery Plan - All you need to know

What is the 6-Week Discovery Plan?

The 6-week discovery plan is a program designed to help people who suffer certain digestive symptoms pinpoint FODMAP intolerances. If you experience digestive symptoms such as bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhoea or constipation, and you suspect there may be some culprits in your diet, you can get answers by completing the FoodMarble discovery plan. The food intolerance test kit which is required to run the program includes a test packet for four FODMAPs: lactose, fructose, sorbitol and inulin.

What's the goal of the plan?

The goal of the plan is to test your response to all four FODMAPs. On completion of each test you will receive a final result which will update your Digestive Profile on the FoodMarble app, one by one. Once you have a complete Digestive Profile, you will be able to make much more informed dietary choices.

6 Week Discovery Plan in 3 Simple Stages

Stage 1 - Baseline:

Baseline takes a week and helps to establish your usual breath scores, FODMAP intake, symptoms, stress, and sleep levels. Baseline is all about getting into the FoodMarble routine and familiarising yourself with breath testing and logging on the FoodMarble app. This is important because it gives us something to compare against when we begin the food intolerance tests in Discovery.

Get to know your device and the FoodMarble app
Make regular breath testing part of your routine
Log your meals, symptoms, stress and sleep

Stage 2 - Reset

Reset is about preparation. We want to help you get your gut ready for the Discovery stage (testing time) by cutting out hard-to-digest FODMAPs. For some tasty low FODMAP inspiration, go to Recipes in your app. Reset lasts one week, but you can go at your own pace - if you feel like you need more time to prepare for the Discovery stage, you can schedule your first Discovery day for a little later. Just keep logging your meals, symptoms, stress, sleep, and breath scores while doing your best to reduce FODMAPs.

Help your gut feel better
Start removing common hard-to-digest FODMAPs from your diet
Keep logging your meals, symptoms, stress, sleep and breath scores

Stage 3 - Discovery

Discovery is about testing FODMAPs – lactose, fructose, sorbitol, and inulin. Test one FODMAP per week. Test on separate days. These days are called Discovery Days. After each test, your Digestive Profile and Food Library will become more personalised. You can also search Recipes to find tasty meals and snacks that work for you.

Pick a morning where you aren’t too busy, as moving around too much will impact readings
A good approach is to do 1 per week or at least a minimum of a three or four day gap
Keep logging your meals, symptoms, stress, sleep and breath scores

Updated on: 15/03/2024

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