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What food should I eat before a test?

The last meal before you fast for a challenge should be a low FODMAP meal. You can find lots of low FODMAP recipes or meal inspiration in the Recipes section of the FoodMarble app. You can also visit the FoodMarble blog which contains lots of recipes or read more about what to know and how to prepare for a Challenge here.

You should not have anything to eat on the morning of your Challenge (other than the food or FODMAP substrate you are testing).

You can drink additional water during, but drinking a lot of water may make your results less accurate.

We recommend drinking still water only before and during the Food Challenge.

You should not eat any foods during the 3 hour test window.

After the 3 hour testing period has ended, if you didn't experience a rise in your fermentation levels, it can be helpful to eat low FODMAP foods which you tolerate well, and continue testing hourly on your FoodMarble device, in case of a late rise in your fermentation levels which can happen with FODMAPs like inulin in particular.

Updated on: 15/03/2024

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