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FODMAP content discrepancies

FODMAP content discrepancies explained

Have you noticed a discrepancy in the FODMAP content of a food on the FoodMarble food library versus another source? Well, there are some simple reasons behind this.

The FODMAP content in any food is dependent on many factors, including variety, growth conditions, country of origin, method of FODMAP extraction & measurement.

At FoodMarble, we get our information from various databases and research sources. If comparing the FODMAP content listed on the FoodMarble food library with the same food on the Monash app (as an example), please be mindful that there will always be a difference in the final read-out and none are necessarily wrong, the results may be based on two distinct food items, grown in different parts of the world, and therefore, the final FODMAP read out will be different.

We recommend that our users consult our food library and/or the Monash app as a guide to estimate FODMAPs.​

Updated on: 20/05/2024

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