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Food Library Entries vs Custom Foods

The Food Library vs Custom Foods

If you have been using the FoodMarble app to log your meals, but feel that our food library is somewhat limited and sometimes you can't find the exact food you want to log, please read on. We want to explain some points about FODMAP information and meal logging that we hope you'll find interesting.

FODMAPs - A relatively new area of research

First things first, it's important for our users to be mindful that FODMAP content in food is a relatively new field of research and while it is a growing area of research, it's still behind basic nutritional data. In essence, FODMAP information is not as readily available as basic nutritional data and as a result of this, there aren't many extensive FODMAP databases or apps out there. In fact, the FoodMarble app is one of the very few apps which enables users to calculate the FODMAP content of their meals and log this information day to day.

Custom ingredients

If you've searched, but still can't find the food you're looking for, don't give up and decide not to log a whole meal. You can create a custom entry and even though this won't have the FODMAPs estimated, it's still worthwhile. Why? What's the point? The point is that you are recording what was eaten and when it was eaten, and this is very important information to have when you're looking back over your data for emerging trends. When you're trying to overcome digestive difficulties, keeping a log of all your meals is really helpful in the long run, with or without FODMAP information.

Send us your suggestions

We are regularly adding new foods to our food database, so why not make a point of contacting us when you notice a missing ingredient, and we'll be happy to consider adding it to our database.

The Food Library should guide you

The FoodMarble food library should be used as a guide. The FODMAP information found in our food library app should help you to estimate the FODMAPs in your meals. When meal logging, you shouldn't worry so much if you can't find the exact brand of cheese or canned tomatoes that you used. If you log a meal that reflects what you've eaten, you'll get a pretty good estimate of the FODMAP content.

FODMAP Discrepancies - Let us explain

The FODMAP content in any food is dependent on many factors, including variety, growth conditions, country of origin, method of FODMAP extraction & measurement. We get our information from various databases and research sources. If comparing the FODMAP content listed on the FoodMarble food library with the same food on the Monash app, please be mindful that there will always be a difference in the final read-out and none are necessarily wrong. We recommend that our users consult our food library and/or the Monash app as a guide to estimate FODMAPs.​

Updated on: 20/05/2024

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