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Meal Logging - How to Edit Meals

How to edit an existing meal

Did you make a mistake when logging your lunch or perhaps you forgot the topping you added to your bowl of porridge at breakfast?

If you haven't worked out how to edit an existing meal, this is the article for you.

You can edit any meal, regardless of the date it was logged by opening the app, visiting the Home screen and scrolling to the day in question:

Did you know?

...the green bars on the Breaths & Meals graph are representative of the meals you've logged on the day you are viewing. The taller they are, the more FODMAPs in the meal. Now it all makes sense!

Next up, the Breaths & Meals overview screen:

Look out for the pencil icon for editing options

Here's where all the action takes place: add a new ingredient, delete an existing one, edit the quantity, update the meal name. Before you log your meal, you can even change the date and time it was logged.

Hope you found this helpful!

Updated on: 04/10/2023

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