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Trends: Your FoodMarble Data Trends

The Trends section of the FoodMarble app displays data such as your breath test results, FODMAP levels in your meals, and your symptoms over an extended period of time. The visualisation of this data over longer spells makes it easier to identify patterns and trends that may be emerging.

The more you log with FoodMarble, the more you will gain. Over time, you can achieve a much deeper understanding of your digestive system and what's affecting your digestion.

Your FoodMarble Journey

Making a habit of breath testing and logging your data on the FoodMarble app is time well spent because of the important discoveries that you can make about your digestion. The more you log, the more you will bring your Trends tab to life and regularly consulting these graphs is good practice. The more familiar you are with your visualised data, the easier it will become for you to spot irregularities or patterns that are trending over a certain period of time.

Customized Timeframes

The Trends tab allows you to set specific date ranges for your data, making it easier to track change and progress. You can also scroll through past weeks with a visible graph for each week.

Food Sensitivity Identification

Meal logging is a practical way to monitor your daily FODMAP intake. Consistently recording your meals on the FoodMarble app can help you to identify patterns and potential triggers for symptoms.

Symptom Tracking

Recording and tracking digestive symptoms is crucial to help you identify connections between your meals, your fermentation scores and any discomfort you experience. The app allows you to log the type and severity of symptom(s) and you will be prompted to record your symptoms after each breath test taken.

Your Digestive Health

By maintaining a consistent record of symptoms over time, you can gain valuable insight into how your digestive health is evolving over time. Ultimately, your symptoms are very important health indicators that are crucial to track day to day, to get a clearer picture about what's going on in the longer term. This information can be shared with healthcare professionals, making it easier to diagnose, treat and manage digestive disorders or conditions.

Treatment Monitoring

For those undergoing treatment for digestive disorders, breath test results can serve as a valuable indicator of progress. Monitoring changes in your breath test results over time can help you assess the effectiveness of your treatment plan.

Updated on: 12/10/2023

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