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Food Library - Personalized toggle explained

Have you spotted the 'Personalized' toggle in the Food Library and wondered what it does?

By default, when you visit the Food Library without having completed the Discovery plan, the traffic light color coding indicates the following:

Foods coded red = high FODMAP
Foods coded orange = medium FODMAP
Foods coded green = low FODMAP

How do things change when I toggle 'Personalized' in the Food Library?

When you slide the toggle you personalize the Food Library and all food entries, which are by default color coded according to their tested FODMAP levels, get updated to reflect your personal tolerance levels in accordance with your four food intolerance test results.

For instance, if your lactose challenge result was low, all foods containing varying levels of lactose such as milk, yoghurt and cheese, would show as green because they are deemed: fine for you. If however you find you still have an issue with some ingredients, you can input your personal reaction.

Personal Reaction

For some people, the FODMAPs in certain foods may not be an issue for you but they would still like to mark the food as a problem. This can be done by visiting the food entry in the Food Library and inputting your Personal Reaction.

Updated on: 16/05/2024

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