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Inulin Challenge - Testing every 30 mins & extending your challenge

Inulin is a FODMAP that can take time to be broken down in the gut. In fact, we all lack the necessary enzymes to break down these long chains of fructose molecules.

As we are unable to digest inulin in the small intestine, the inulin we've consumed will always travel along to the large intestine, where some level of fermentation will occur.

It is not uncommon for some users to experience a late rise in their fermentation levels, and for some users, this rise could happen hours after the inulin challenge has finished. If you suspect you have slow gastric transit, be mindful of this during your inulin challenge.

Your Inulin Challenge - What you need to know

30 minute test interval explained

If you're completing your inulin challenge and not being prompted to test every 15 minutes like you were during other challenges, don't worry it's not a technical issue - we can explain.

If you commence your inulin challenge and your fermentation levels remain very low for a period of time, rather than having you test every 15 minutes as standard, the app will prompt you to test at 30 minute intervals instead. As soon as the app records an increase in your f-scores, the testing intervals will be reduced to every 15 minutes once again to ensure we're capturing the precise rise in your levels associated with this FODMAP.

Option to extend your challenge

For some users, despite testing every 30 minutes, they may see no change in their fermentation levels and approaching the end of the 3 hour testing period, the user will be given the option to extend their challenge in case a late rise is experienced. If you feel you can safely extend the challenge, proceed with testing and without consuming any foods.

Too hungry to extend the challenge?

If you're too hungry to extend the challenge and need to eat something, that isn't an issue, however our best advice would be to break your fast with a low FODMAP snack or light meal.

In this way, if at some point in the afternoon, you begin to experience a rise in your fermentation levels, you can much more confidently attribute this to the inulin and not to the foods that you ate after the challenge.

Sometimes, a small low FODMAP meal will in fact help to move the inulin through your digestive tract and soon after you will begin to see the rise in fermentation related to the substrate consumed earlier that morning.

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Updated on: 01/05/2024

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