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The Food Library & Meal Logging

If your complaint is that our food library is limited and you can't find the foods that you're eating when you go to log your meals, please read on. Not only do we have some exciting news about future app developments, there are a few points that we'd like to explain in more detail.

First things first, let's call a spade a spade, we know that we don't have ALL the foods we'd like to have listed in our food library - not just yet. However, we are constantly adding to our food database with each new app update. In fact, we already have over 1100 foods listed and we are committed to continual improvement. Expanding our food library is top of our agenda.

Just for some context, because it's important for our users to understand that FODMAP content in food is a relatively new field of research and while food FODMAP content is something that's growing, it's still far behind basic nutritional data. There aren't many extensive FODMAP databases or apps out there, in fact the FoodMarble app is one of the few apps which enables users to log meals with their FODMAP content breakdown. We know that it doesn't quite compare to some of the best calorie counter apps when comparing with their vast databases, but again, this is because FODMAP information is not as readily available as basic nutritional data, and FODMAP information is what we are focused on. Nonetheless, please bear with us and we will get there. The FoodMarble team may be small but we're very ambitious and we promise, we're working extra hard on this functionality for the app.

Send us your suggestions: When you notice a food or ingredient that's missing, we'd kindly ask you to share a list of these items with us and we'll prioritise adding them. We always like to update the FoodMarble food library based on popular customer suggestions.

Custom foods: In the meantime, it's really important to remember, when trying to overcome digestive difficulties, logging your meals is so important. Even if we don't have a food ingredient listed in our library, you can add custom foods to your logs.

By adding custom foods and meals to your food logs, you'll still be able to find your food triggers, because the important thing is to identify patterns in your logged data. Logging and taking account of what's going into your digestive system really is important. Provided all the foods you're eating are logged, it will become much easier to identify those sneaky ingredients that keep appearing before high fermentation scores but most importantly those that appear before an onset of your symptoms. Remember, fermentation isn't necessarily a bad thing, unless it provokes painful symptoms.
To add an unlisted ingredient, users just need to follow the steps below:
• Tap on the blue plus symbol (+) at the bottom of the app screen
• Tap "meal"
• In the search bar, please type the name of the food / beverage to be added
• Tap add unlisted ingredient
• Select the quantity and tap "create"
• The food/beverage is now added to your food database for future use

Updated on: 26/09/2023

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