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AIRE 2: Battery life

Your AIRE 2 device contains powerful sensors which allow it to detect both hydrogen and methane. It also features LED lights to communicate battery life and results information to the user. Pretty cool, right? One minor downside to these features is that they drain the battery. If you owned an AIRE 1 and notice a difference in battery life between the two devices, this might help to explain things.

To extend the battery life of your device:

- Always allow the battery to deplete completely before charging it up again.
- Always charge the device until the lights go green - approx 90 minutes.
- Charge it by plugging the charging cable into a laptop or desktop computer instead of into a wall socket.

We would still expect you to get a number of days use from a full charge of your AIRE 2. If your device battery is not lasting more than a day, despite following the safe usage guidelines i.e. taking no more than 10 breath tests per day, you can report this to our CX team who will be happy to investigate further -

Updated on: 26/02/2024

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