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My AIRE won't turn on

If you're having trouble turning your device on, first try holding down the silver power button for five seconds. There is a delay on the power button to prevent the device from turning on accidentally. This means that quickly pressing the button may not activate AIRE.

After holding the power button down for at least five seconds, check to see if the lights on the front of the device have begun to light up. Also check for a blue flashing light on the bottom device. Wait 30 seconds to see if any of the lights on the front turn on. These come on in stages as the device warms up, so if the first set isn't working it may take time to see the second set light up. 

If the device didn't turn on, use the cord in the box to charge it. Ensure the charger is fully inserted into the port on your AIRE. When the device is charging, the light on the side, next to the power button, will start off red. It will turn green when the device is fully charged.

If you are using the blue and white cable, please note that it's possible for it to slide into the USB port both ways, but only one way works as the four prongs must align with the inside of the USB port.

As above, please ensure when you are plugging your cable into the USB port that the four prongs are matched to the prongs inside of the USB port (the USB symbol should be facing upward).

If it doesn't work one way, please flip it over and try the other way.

Please note that you can use the USB port for the charger that your phone uses or a laptop/computer USB port. If you are having trouble using our cable, please use any Android-type charger available.

After charging, hold down the power button for five seconds. Release the button and wait 30 seconds, then check the lights on the front and bottom of the device to see if any have lit up. Lights mean the device is powered on and warming up.

If your device still won't turn on after trying these steps, please contact us at

Updated on: 12/03/2023

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