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AIRE 2: Care instructions for AIRE 2

Caring for your AIRE 2 device

Here are some guidelines on how you can take good care of your FoodMarble device:

Try not to take more than 10 breath tests in a 24 hour period, except on challenge days. Too many tests can harm your device sensors.

Refrain from breath testing if you've consumed alcohol. Alcohol can cause elevated fermentation scores and repeat exposure to alcohol in the breath may harm the sensors in your device.

Keep your FoodMarble device away from all kinds of smoke, whether it's smoke from cigarettes or cooking. Don't smoke cigarettes or e-cigarettes shortly before using your device.

Keep the body of your device dry. The mouthpiece can be removed and washed with a mild soap and water, but the body of your device should not come in contact with water or too much moisture. Don't clean the body of your device with cleaning wipes of any kind.

Keep your device away from products that contain silicone, such as lubricants, hair, beauty and sun-care products. Silicone often appears as 'dimethicone' or other ingredients ending in 'cone'.

Cleaning the carry case. Only use cold water to wipe clean the carry case and do not use any detergent. Air dry only.

Updated on: 26/02/2024

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