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AIRE 2: Troubleshooting - App & Firmware Checks

Are you concerned because your AIRE 2 seems to be acting up out of nowhere?

Maybe you haven't used your device in a few weeks or maybe it's been a month or more since your last breath test, and now that you've returned to use the device, it's not performing like it used to. Don't panic, just yet! There are some important checks to do first on the app and your device firmware.

Make sure your app is updated

Update the app: First things first, always make sure that your FoodMarble app is updated to the latest version on the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS users. If there's an update available, make sure to complete this as we often fix bugs, update the software to run more smoothly and roll out new features. It's so important to always use the latest version of our app.

Reinstall the app: If you're still experience issues with your app and/or device, deleting and reinstalling the app from scratch is another important troubleshooting step to complete.

Device checks - is your firmware up to date?

Update your firmware: Keeping your device firmware updated is as important as keeping your app updated. You can check which firmware you're using by:

Opening the FoodMarble app
Visiting Profile
Selecting My Device and reviewing the firmware version shown here

If you happen to notice that you still have an outstanding firmware update to complete, please make sure to update your firmware as this should help to resolve some of the issues you're experiencing.

When updating firmware:

Please ensure that your FoodMarble device is powered on and paired with the app
Please ensure that your device and your phone have more than 50% battery charge
Please ensure that you have a strong internet/cellular connection to avoid interruption

Lastly, here's an article on performing a hard reset of your device.

We're always here to support

Our CX team will be here to support you if you have any issue that hasn't been resolved by following the steps above - just email us on or you can check if the team is online right now for a live chat.

Updated on: 26/02/2024

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