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Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

If you’re experiencing connectivity issues between your AIRE 2 and the FoodMarble app, we always recommend checking the following:

1. Is your app updated to the latest version on the App Store / Google Play Store?

Keeping up to date with app updates is important across all your mobile applications, including the FoodMarble app, to avail of the latest new features and importantly, any bug fixes released.

How do I check if my app is updated?

Simply visit the Google Play Store or the App Store and check if the app offers the option to “Update” - this will appear as a button next to the app profile on the Store. Tap Update and wait for the installation to finish.

2. If your app is up to date, have you rebooted the FoodMarble app?

If you're using the latest version of the app, yet you continue to experience connectivity issues, the next thing to do is reboot your app.

How do I reboot?

Very simply, delete the FoodMarble app from your phone and return to the App Store / Google Play Store to download it from scratch.

Worried about data loss?

- Rest assured, you won't lose any data, provided you have been connected to a secure and stable internet / WiFi connection. Once you maintain regular access to the internet, your data should be regularly backed up to FoodMarble servers.

3. If the above steps, didn't help - here are some additional troubleshooting steps you may need perform:

Firstly, make sure your device is turned on by double-tapping the power button for AIRE 2 / holding in the power button on the side for AIRE 1, then:

- Open the FoodMarble app
- Go to Profile
- Tap My Device
- Tap "Unpair Device" if already paired

Bluetooth Connections:

- Unpair all other devices you may have connected to your phone.
- Pair your AIRE 2 device again.

After following those initial steps, your FoodMarble should be paired with the FoodMarble app, and ready to take a breath test.

If by chance your device still hasn’t paired successfully, then please:

- Ensure the app has permission to access your geolocation
- Ensure that you're connecting from within the app
- Toggle Bluetooth, WiFi, and airplane mode.
- Delete all Bluetooth connections and forget all devices, then try again
- Keeping the device close to the phone should improve the signal

Should you have any further queries, please contact our support team on: to speak with one of our customer care representatives.

Updated on: 28/02/2024

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