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Challenge Result: My result didn't register within the app

Not seeing your Challenge result in the app?

If you started a challenge, consumed your chosen FODMAP substrate and tested regularly over a 3 hour period, you should expect your final result to be available within the Discovery section of the app under Results at the end.

What does it mean if my result hasn't registered?

If your result doesn't seem to have registered in the app and you can't see it displayed under Results, it would be best to report this issue to the FoodMarble CX team via email ( or live chat through the app or our website contact page.

Reasons your result didn't register

You logged out of the app during the Challenge
Your app crashed during the Challenge (your app may need to be updated to the latest version if it crashes for any reason)
A bug in the app which will need to be reported to our CX team who will investigate with our development team

Do I have to take the test again?

If our team investigates and they cannot provide you with a final score, then you may have to retake the FODMAP test.

Rest assured, we will send you a replacement substrate packet!

Updated on: 15/03/2024

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