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Device Rattle: Should I be concerned?

Device Rattle - What caused this?

If your FoodMarble device makes a rattling noise when you pick it up, it's possible that a small piece of the internal hardware (most likely some plastic casing) has broken off and is causing a rattle sound now that it's loose inside the device. This could happen if your device was accidentally dropped, for instance!

Should I be worried if I dropped my device and now notice a rattle?

Generally speaking, you shouldn't be worried if you dropped your device and now notice a rattle sound, provided of course your device is working like normal i.e. powering on, charging up fully, capturing breath readings like before.

If, however, you notice any strange behaviours from your device, you should always check in with the FoodMarble CX team who will get your device performance reviewed for you.

Some potential concerns include:

Issues powering your device on
Issues with the LED lighting on your device - in the case of AIRE 2 only
Issues charging your device fully
Breath readings that are suddenly inconsistent with your symptoms and previous trends

Reporting the issue:

Capture a video of the device rattle
Send this video and a short note to our CX team on

Updated on: 12/03/2024

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