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Erratic Scores: I think my device is broken

Here are some important considerations if you're observing erratic breath readings

1. Have you recently started an elemental diet / SIBO treatment?

During treatment of SIBO there is a series of complex changes happening in our gut microbiome and fermentation levels may appear erratic for some time.

We would strongly encourage you to continue monitoring your fermentation levels carefully. Day to day breath testing will help you to assess the changes happening over time.

If you have any concerns, make sure to consult your healthcare practitioner as they are best placed to offer medical advice and guidance through your treatment plan, as SIBO is a serious medical condition.

2. Are you taking any new supplements or medications?

Certain supplements and medications may alter your microbiome and therefore trigger a shift in your breath readings also.

If you've started a new probiotic, prebiotic or antibiotic, your day to day breath readings may look different to before.

3. Are you sleeping poorly or have you started a new exercise program?

New patterns in your fermentation scores may be caused by changes to your lifestyle that are affecting your stress levels.

For some people, sleeping poorly will have an impact on their gut. Additionally, exercise is so important for our overall health, however intensive training programs do put our bodies under stress and this can impact our digestion.

Still concerned?

If you're still concerned about erratic scores and none of the above helps to explain, we'll always be happy to request an engineer's review of your FoodMarble device to give you reassurance.

Simply email our CX team on and we'll guide you through the process.

Updated on: 12/03/2024

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