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How do I use the FoodMarble food library?

You should use the FoodMarble food library as a guide to help you estimate FODMAPs in your foods. After all, a lot of us eat the very same foods or meals over and over. Some people enjoy the same breakfast everyday, and others will eat the exact same dinner at least once a week. We're creatures of habit!

You will find information about foods that could be causing or contributing to your symptoms by consulting the library regularly (as well as logging your meals).

When you search a food, you will find information about the corresponding FODMAPs that the food contains. Having this information at hand will help you to navigate meal times with more confidence and ideally help you to reduce or even avoid symptoms.

Foods are colour coded based on the easy to interpret traffic light coding system, where:

Green = low FODMAP

Orange = medium FODMAP

Red = high FODMAP

High FODMAP foods are highly fermentable. If you find yourself experiencing high levels of fermentation and symptoms after logging meals that contain lactose, for instance, you can use the food library to search for alternative low FODMAP dairy options (such as butter and brie cheese) or even non-dairy options, which are becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

We are constantly adding to the FoodMarble food library with each new app update. If you notice a food that you regularly eat is missing from the food library, make sure to let us know and we'll prioritise adding it - email us on Thank you!

Updated on: 26/09/2023

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