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Meal logging - Editing an existing meal (iOS)

How to edit an existing meal on iOS

Open the FoodMarble app and visit the Home screen

Navigate to the Breaths & Meals Overview screen

To get here, firstly scroll to the day in question and tap anywhere on the Breaths & Meals graph

Once you arrive to the Breaths & Meals Overview screen, click on the pencil icon to open editing options

You may need to scroll through your meal entries to find the one you wish to update. Once you've identified the meal you want to edit, simply click on it.

Once again, locate the pencil icon which opens up different editing options.

When you are in 'edit' mode, you can add new ingredients, delete existing ones, adjust quantities, update the meal name, or change the date and time of the meal.

Save your changes - After making the necessary edits, tap on the "Update Meal" button to confirm the changes.

Updated on: 13/05/2024

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