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My AIRE device won't connect: iPhones

• AIRE requires Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) to connect to your phone. Please make sure you're using a device that includes Bluetooth LE.

• Ensure Bluetooth is turned on. Please ensure your phone's Bluetooth is turned on. If it is, try turning Bluetooth off and then on again. On an iPhone, you can access Bluetooth controls by swiping up from the bottom of your screen. Tap the Bluetooth logo to turn it off and on. Bluetooth is activated when the symbol is highlighted.

• Only pair your AIRE from within the FoodMarble app. Please don't try to pair AIRE to your phone through your phone's settings, as this can cause issues. If you've done this, please "forget" AIRE from your Bluetooth. This can be done by navigating to your phone's settings. Once there, tap "Bluetooth" then the "i" next to the name of your device. Then tap "forget this device".

Sometimes it can be helpful to forget all devices from your Bluetooth settings as well.

Once you have "forgotten" AIRE from your phone's settings, please open the FoodMarble app. When you launch a breath test, the app will attempt to connect to any nearby AIRE devices.

Ensure your AIRE and phone are well charged. Sometimes low battery can interfere with Bluetooth performance. Please charge your phone and AIRE. When you plug AIRE in the light next to the power button will be red. Once it's fully charged, this light will turn green.

After you've done the above steps...

Press the silver power button on the side of your AIRE. A blue light should start flashing on the bottom of your device.

While AIRE is warming up, open the FoodMarble app and tap the + icon to open up all Logging Options. Next, tap Breath.

The app will automatically search for nearby devices. If there is no device paired, a yellow bar will appear at the top of the screen. Tap this to start scanning for a device.

If the device fails to connect, make sure the device is turned on, then hit retry. If you have access to a second phone, please try to pair AIRE to it. This will provide more information about whether the issues is arising from AIRE or the phone.

If none of these strategies have worked for you, please email us at for further support.

Updated on: 12/03/2023

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